Multiphoton Microscopy

A special advantage of multi-photon microscopy is the possibility of label-free fluorescence imaging, i.e. imaging in native tissues without adding any fluorescent dyes. Imaging contrast is generated by nonlinear optical effects like second harmonic generation (SHG) in collagen and myosin filaments or by multi-photon excitation of cellular autofluorescence (e.g. NADH). The aim of our research is to establish this as a minimal-invasive imaging technique with subcellular resolution for clinical diagnostics in the future.

SHG Signale von Meniskus (A), Skelettmuskel (B)

Figure (A) Meniscus: Second harmonic generation (SHG) in collagen fibers. (B) Skeletal muscle: SHG in collagen fibers and myosin filaments.