Alternatives to animal experimentation

Welcome to the website of the Division of Alternatives to animal experimentation (Gilbert Group) at the Institute of Medical Biotechnology. We strive to combine cell-based assays with bio-compatible substrates for e.g. identification of disease-related genes or molecules.

In vitro research models promoting the 3Rs concept

The development of pharmaceutical drugs involves animal experimentation. Novel medicines are required to be first tested on animals before clinical trials can be conducted. Identification of toxic compounds in early R&D using cell-based in vitro assays can reduce the number of laboratory animals used for in vivo testing of suboptimal compounds that fail at later stages of drug testing. We develop in vitro research methods according to the 3Rs concept - namely, Reduction, Refinement and Replacement of animal experimentation to minimize the need for animal testing. We strive to combine innovative screening assays utilizing the enormous potential of human pluripotent stem cells with massively parallelized microscopy technologies to reduce e.g. neurotoxicity testing in animals. These methods may also be less expensive and less time-consuming than animal


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