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Welcome to the Institute of Medical Biotechnology

The Institute of Medical Biotechnology was founded in June 2010 within the Department of Chemical- and Biological Engineering at the Technical Faculty of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
Head of the institute is Oliver Friedrich, trained in medicine and physics, with a strong background in cellular technologies and tissue models, cellular process engineering and optical technologies.

The institute's philosophy is to provide an umbrella research facility that brings together biomedical scientists, natural scienstists and engineers from process engineering, mechantronics and sensorics to work together in a multidisciplinary and competitive research environment to build an interface between biomedical sciences, life sciences and bioengineering.
The focus of the institute and its different work groups is dedicated towards 'Technologies in Life Sciences and Biotechnology to increase our Understanding and Manipulation of Organ Dysfunction'. Topics cover malaria biotechnology, biomedical engineering and biophysics in skeletal muscle and heart, high-throughput screening technologies, alternatives to animal experimentation, advanced optical technologies in R&D (e.g. multiphoton endomicroscopy) and applications (e.g. multiphoton microscoy in living cells) and regenerative medicine (tissue engineering).

The institute is well connected to local and international collaborators (i.e. Canada, USA and Australia) and promotes internationalization of state-of-the-art research to meet the rapid growing expectations in bio-tech research and industry for the future of life sciences.